The strongest of the strongest

Lifting, carrying, pulling - a fascinating look at the men and women who are able to move incredible weights. You will see them lift cars, boulders and monstrous weights. You won’t believe the things you are going to see!

EVLS Strongman Cup

Battle of the fittest athletes in several categories.

  • Truck Pull
  • Farmer's Walk
  • Super Yoke
  • Car Deadlift
  • Tire Flip
  • Max Log Lift

Last year, strongmen lifted car, truck and broke the world record by lifting 116 kg dumbbell in one hand! Mistrovství ČR v Max Log Lift. Strhující show ve zdvihu železné klády.

A thrilling show in a cage

Perhaps everybody saw the fierce fights in the hexagon cage both on feet and on floor. A full-contact sports that allows hits, grips and fight both standing and lying on the floor. Come and experience the explosive atmosphere of one of the toughest martial arts!

Participation confirmed by Karlos "Terminator" Vémola!

Tournament of amateurs Exhibition

The program will be completed soon.



High school of grappling

Fascinating show full of grips, grasps and fierce fighting. Get to know the fascinating techniques that are essential to the success of many of professional UFC wrestlers!

Exhibitions, workshops

An attractive program led by an European champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Ben Cristovao from the Jungle BJJ academy.
The program will be completed soon.

Quickly, nimbly, cleverly...

Adrenaline track inspired by a Japanese TV show. Five obstacles that test competitor’s dexterity, endurance and strength. The winner is the fastest!
Take part in the competition, EVLS Hero Factor Aquapalace Cup and compare your strength to the others.
Starting fee in bought advance: 490 CZK
The starting fee bought on the site: 599 CZK
Starting fee includes your ticket to the EVLS Prague Expo

The Hero Factor Aquapalace with ČEZ Group

Friday public competition The top 20 competitors will automatically qualify for the Saturday’s super finals.
The capacity of the competition is only 200 participants. Sing up today!

The Hero Factor OPEN

Saturday public competition 5 fastest competitors advance to the afternoon Super finals The capacity of the competition is only 50 participants. Sing up today!
The capacity of the competition is only 50 participants.

Sing up today!



Really huge weights

Probably the most famous power discipline. Some athletes mastered it to the perfection – come and watch the breathtaking show that in past brought some of the new world records.

Participation confirmed by:
  • Vlastimil Kužel (CZ) - body weight 110 kg; lifted weight: 262,5 kg the holder of 4 world records
  • Roman Yeremashvili (RU) – body weight: 67,5 kg, lifted weight 228 kg
  • Stanislav Milostnoy (RU) – body weight: 82,5 kg; lifted weight 250 kg
  • Lazslo Meszaros (CZ) – body weight 128 kg; lifted weight: 303 kg

International Cup in benchpress and deadlift, organized in cooperation with WRPF Slovakia. Prize money 6000 USD! During this competition, you can try to break the world record.
Prize Money: 6000 USD! Competitors can try to break the World record during the competition.

More about WRPF Cup

Two rounds to win

Sport with roots in the Inuit culture, in which the wrestlers measure their strength pulling on a wooden stick. A discipline that requires using perhaps every muscle in the body. Try it and measure your strength against others.

EVLS Maswrestling Challenge

The program will be completed soon.



When you combine the strength and grace

Ballet, salsa, modern gymnastics. The graceful movements combined with the breathtaking power of the human body. EVLS Prague Expo presents the best of the Poledance scene.

Poledance School

Learn the basics of poledance. Led by real professionals. Come to the workshop of Poledance School.

Exhibition and training

How the professionals prepare themselves? Exhibition of workout and a breathtaking aerobatic show, that everybody will like.

Strength, endurance, agility

Flags, planche, somersaults – whether you are familiar with the basic exercises of the street workout or you have not heard about them yet, don’t miss the Street Workout arena program. There are exhibitions, battle, freestyle show and attempt to break the world record!

Lenka Adi Strolená - world record attempt

An attempt to get into the Guinness World Records Book in the number of pull-ups on a horizontal bar during 6 hours. This is a charity event - the money income will be donated to children with cancer. You can participate by donating either money or other resources.

Freestyle Competition

For 90 seconds, the whole arena belongs to the commpetitor. Will their flow dazzle you? Will their show excite the jury? Show what is in you! Register for the Freestyle Street Workout competition! Saturday 10:00 - 13:00

Race Sets & Reps

Pull-ups, dips, pushups. How many can you handle? Saturday 14:00 - 17:00

Muscle Up Competition

Competition for the longest series of Muscle-up. Saturday 17:00 - 18:00

Street workout


Sport as old as man's instinct to compete.

Duels in arm wrestling are notorious. Not everyone knows, though, that it is a professional sport that has its own association in the Czech Republic. Czech armwrestlers regularly go to European and World Championship, which is organized by a World Federation of armwrestling.

EVLS Armwrestling Cup – beginner competition

Race for wirokou the public according to the rules of the WAF running double elimination. Come and try a real armwrestling.
Time of event: Saturday 13:00


Participation in the tournament is free of charge. Registration at the venue before the start of the race.

Exhibitions, workshops

In exhibition matches and workshops, you can see the best athletes of the Czech armwrestlers. Participation was promised by the whole national team including the medalists. Among the confirmed names is for example František Živný.

Time of event:

continuously during the EVLS Prague Expo