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The world's top athletes and experts share their experience

Hard training, years of austerity and strict discipline – people, who know what it is to be the best, share their experience in seminars. You can look forward to see Dorian Yates, who will talk about his Heavy Duty training regimes or his cooperation with Mike Mentzer and his revolutionary methods. Jay Cutler will share his story about the struggle for prizes, motivation for training, and tricks for nutrition and regeneration.


Our Speakers

Dorian Yates
Dorian Yates
Friday, 2:00 PM

Six-time Mr. Olympia champion and pioneer of the "Blood & Guts" training method, which is based on short heavy duty series.

Dorian Yates will share his experiences, collected during more than 25 years long career. And of course, he'll answer all your questions.

Ticket price: 40 EUR

VIP guests get up to 50 % discount.

Saturday, 11:00

Come to talk with the best showman of the bodybuilding world! Steve is not only a great sportsman, but also a great comedian and performer, followed by thousands of fans on Youtube and social networks.

Come to hear the story of one sport career. You can ask about whatever is in your head.

Entrance is free!

Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler
Saturday, 14:00

Seminar about way to the top, collecting dozens of titles. Jay will also uncover his recipes for great motivation, nutrition and regeneration. And last but not least – he will answer whatever you ask about.

Ticket price: 40 EUR

VIP guests get up to 50 % discount.


Registration - seminars and meet & greet

Online registration is closed. If you have not been able to buy Seminar/Meet & Greet tickets online, you can do so personally at the event venue from Wednesday 26 September 14:00